Monday, 28 November 2022

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The world it not as great looking as it should be due to plastic waste. For instance, I could potentially see a river filled with bags and other plastic material if I were to search the internet about plastic garbage. What is the effect of having plastic waste in these kinds of places? Well, the effect is huge on the environment and thus causes major pollution concerns. It is killing animals and doing much worst things to us as well.

Animals have been greatly affected by this, especially animals that live in the ocean because they can be critically injured and potentially die from plastic waste. Sea life becomes more entangled in plastic waste than we think, which causes seal life to become trapped and lose oxygen. for example, fish, can lose oxygen and die due to their gills being suffocated by plastic waste. It is not fair that sea life resides in such a harmful environment due to the outrageous amount of plastic waste and other trash that is dumped and accumulated in the ocean. Plastic bags are just one of the major plastic waste issues causing such a negative impact on sea life.

Despite this, we still need plastic bags. The reason being for the need of plastic instead of paper is that it is very cheap to make and is stronger. It is a cost-effective item that we need and it helps our economy and reduces the chance of using other materials that may not be as much of an advantage as plastic is. There are about 150 bags made per person and the number is increasing every year because of plastic bags being so effective in what they do. Plastic material has many advantages and disadvantages. So, what can we do to help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment?

There are various ways to resolve plastic waste problems. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are just a few ways to help eliminate plastic waste issues. There are many ways to reduce the use of plastic bags that are being developed and improved every day. One modern development is a plastic bag that can disappear in about 5 minutes in the ocean. Time is amazing and with more time we can find and develop more ways to save the earth.


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