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As time and technology move forward, we need to learn how to ship these new tech products without damage in the most efficient way possible. Many factors such as protection from falling or possible water damage need to be taken into consideration. Also, the way a product’s exterior packaging looks and how it will be opened are two things that need to be kept in mind when developing modern tech packaging because the unboxing of a product is crucial to the satisfaction of the customer.

To start, we will look at what most high-tech boxes look like. Apple and Samsung smartphones are used as examples below.

As shown in the picture, Apple uses a layered system where the bottom of the package is facing upward like a bowl, while the top is just a bigger bowl that fits on top of the other. This allows protection of the product while also showcasing a pleasing unboxing presentation. The sliding of the box pieces of this package design is like an opening vault, which takes a couple of seconds for the boxes to slide against one another.

As you can see above, the Samsung’s package opening design is similar to Apple’s in terms of using the sliding motion to open the product. Although similar, both brands have different box layouts internally for other pieces that come with each phone.


This kind of packaging design makes it hard for anything from the outside to get into the box. To get to the phone from this box design, whatever substance would have to go from the bottom of the box and upwards over a corner to get to the phone. Due to the potential of this happening, the box itself would be wrapped in cellophane so that even water would not be able to get to it unless the cellophane is ripped or broken.

The regular consumer does not necessarily look at the aspects of how fast the phone operates, its battery life, or storage at first glance. Thus, the packages for these phones need to look like they are top of the line and better than all the rest while protecting the product.

As mentioned earlier, these boxes are sleek and minimalistic to show off their brand and try to show the aura of a top of the line luxury piece of technology.

Unknown to most, even the sound of opening the box can change how the consumer feels about their purchase. Market tests have shown that higher-pitched sounds like crinkling plastic make the buyer believe that the product is less expensive than it is. Lower tones on the other hand like the clink of thick cardboard make the buyer feel like the phones are well protected and are very expensive products. Also, the box shape comes into play when thinking about how to please the customer.

While some companies have tried other types like the circular box, the main and best type of box to use is the square/rectangle shape. It has shown that not only does it produce the best results as far as protecting the product inside, but it also shows that customers have a mindset where square/rectangular boxes seem more like technology-related boxes.

Packaging technology is not just about whether it can stand up to the elements or make the trip. If the box does not appeal to the consumer then he or she will not buy from the company again. Both safety and looks are important and without one of them, a product is more likely to fail.


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