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The Importance of Packaging

The fundamental function of packaging is to protect its contents from harm during travel, handling, and storage. In several ways, it protects the product from humidity, light, heat, and other environmental conditions.

Packaging was formerly thought to be little more than a necessity, a barrier to protect the goods within and move them from point A to point B. Manufacturers did not place a high value on branding, since there was no customer expectation. Now that customer expectations have completely changed, the importance of packaging has risen, making it a more important factor. This has had a major impact, for example. Product packaging is now critical to the growth of any firm and its marketing strategy. A basic cardboard box has become a communication conduit and a silent salesperson as firms try to engage and delight customers as new opportunities emerge in the sector.

The image above shows simple and very un-exciting packages. The goal of a package is always to protect the content inside, but it should be more mindful of the appeal to its customers. If you are buying a very expensive product and it arrives in a plain old, boring cardboard box, it is not that exciting to receive the product.

This is also known as a sensory experience. Apple is a perfect example of doing this. Perhaps it is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think about marketing strategy. However, it is the first impression buyers receive of your product, and how the packaging appears.

Packaging may be equally as significant as the product it contains. They continue to have a sensory experience when they touch it and look at the visuals and words. The label may assist buyers in deciding whether or not to buy it, but if the package does not engage them, chances are they will not buy it.

Apple makes their opening experience very engaging, allowing its customers to feel as if they were unboxing a luxurious item. Every corner of the box is spotless. The color is an elegant, minimalist white. Apple's packaging is as artistic and visually appealing as the device inside. It communicates its brand without using words or even a logo, by using the shape and size of the package.

The image below is an example of what sensory experience should feel like when unboxing a product.

When a customer receives their product, they are filled with joy and excitement, and first impressions always count. This is why the unboxing experience is crucial. Video game companies make sure their customers, who pay a good amount of money for their products, receive a premium sensory experience. For example, the Xbox release with Forza Horizon was an amazing release, and the packaging was gorgeous.

The game, Forza Horizon, is a racing game, and the way they designed this packaging was to fit its game's theme. Playground Games created the Forza Horizon 5 gas can as a special collector's item. They only send it to a few lucky players, and the contents are lovely. This is one way to keep your customers hooked and happy with the packaging design.


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