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Creative Product Packaging

Designing the package of a product is much more than ensuring the product can be transported safely from one location to another. The use of the package in the sale of goods is often just as important as its transportation.

A brown box with no wording may get the product to the customer the cheapest way, but it will not be the best method in pushing the sale of the product. Having packaging that has meaningful colors, legible fonts, and product knowledge on the package produces a better experience for the customer, which may create a purchase for the product.

Packaging can have many colors, fonts, and other features that help sell the product. These features bring attention to the product being sold. Color is a very important factor in catching the eye of the customer. Bringing the right mixture of colors to the package will help drive the customer's eye to the product. Colors are also used to showcase the brand of the product. Many consumers look for brands they recognize and are willing to pay more for their products. Colors may have different meanings behind them.

The fonts used on the package play a large role in providing customer information about the product. The fonts used must be legible, and the size of the font must be correct to display the information.

Certain fonts are used to display required information such as nutritional values or product warnings. These fonts must comply with standards in size and font set forth by government agencies.

Displaying features on the package helps drive attention to what the product is and what it does. Features of the product may show a competitive advantage and show why the product is superior. If a product on the shelf says "20% more for free," it may drive the purchase of the product. This gives the perception of value, even if it may be false. Warnings are often displayed on the package. This helps communicate the dangers of the product or the contents inside or how it will affect the user.

A lot of packaging is using QR codes on the package. This QR code may give more information about the product features and uses. It may also provide instructions on how to install or use the product. QR codes are becoming more used in modern packaging.

Packaging sustainability has become a large area of concern, especially among the latest generations. Producing packaging that can be easily recycled and produces less waste provides the consumer with a more environmentally friendly result. This can be achieved by using recycled materials or biodegradable packaging. Having a package that is reusable also provides more of an environmentally friendly solution, as the package can be reused, opened, and closed multiple times.

Uses of premium materials for packaging make the packaging more attractive to the buyer. Uses of plastic and pulp tray provide a better customer experience over the use of traditional polyfoam or corrugated inserts. Apple uses pulp tray to hold their iPhone, and most consumers cannot tell the difference between something made of pulp versus similar plastic packaging.

Some packaging is designed to be shaped like the product. This is intentional and may drive the consumer to purchase the item as it is easier to find on the shelf or the visual of the item is something they are looking for. The design may be more of decoration, such as this Lego block holder below that is shaped like a large Lego.

Some packaging is designed in such a way that it helps the consumer. This packaging may have purpose-designed features that play a role in the function of the packaging or the use of the packaging. A milk carton has a handle built into the jug to allow the consumer to pour the contents easier.

Other designs may use the packaging to aid in assembly or have parts of the package that break away to allow for easier removal of the product. Packaging design should consider more than just the transportation of the product. The colors, fonts, and information on the package are very important in catching the consumer's eye and pushing the purchase of the product. Focusing on these areas will produce a package that will help sell the product.

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