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Many people don’t know what packaging is nor what other things go into it. Packaging is an interdisciplinary field in which scientific and engineering principles are applied to develop and produce packages that contain, protect and preserve, transport, inform, and sell a product. The packaging regulations in 2015 define packaging as “all products made of any materials of any nature to be used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods.”

There are three different types of packaging:

  • Sales packaging or primary packaging is the material that first envelops the product and holds it. This usually is the smallest unit of distribution or use and is the package which is in direct contact with the contents.
  • Grouped packaging or secondary packaging is outside the primary packaging, and may be used to prevent pilferage or to group primary packages together.
  • Transport packaging or tertiary packaging is used for bulk handling, warehouse storage and transport shipping. The most common form is a palletized unit load that packs tightly into containers

This article focuses on an innovative product, Re-board. It is a patented rigid paperboard with a unique engineered fluted core. It is lightweight yet strong.” Re-Board is the strongest board of its kind available today. Re-board has good planar flatness and provides thermal insulation and protection from different environmental conditions. It has an embedded moisture barrier protecting the core and the physical properties of the board. The conditions of the board remain unchanged in humid conditions.

It is durable, contains no harmful components and is form stable. Re-board is mostly used to highlight things in stores. It can hold up to 70 Kg/cm^2. Because it utilizes water-based adhesives, re-board can be recycled as paper in normal waste paper streams. The unique engineered fluted core enables a re-board sheet to be rapidly cut into any conceivable shape. Re-board can be digitally printed or finished with decorative laminates to achieve stunning results. Re-board is the most eco-friendly material of its kind and is the first board in the world to independently measure its CO2 emissions. According to, “CO2 emissions is carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, produced by vehicles and industrial processes.”

The main supplier is Stora Enso Re-Board®, which is located in Norrkoping, Sweden. Their mill was first opened in 2006. It is possible to become a partner of Stora Enso Re-Board®, through training and having the right equipment like a flatbed wide format printer, a cutting table, knowledge of Re-board material capabilities, understanding of their accessories, and awareness of hand tools and small equipment currently available. The training includes workshops about design, production, functional planning, market and sales, access to their database, access to their growing range of accessories that have been developed for Re-board, access to cutting files of numerous tailor, invitations to their yearly gathering of Distributors and Licensees, and exchange of inspiration and information.

There are many uses for Re-board, some that doesn’t even seem to be possible, but it is. Some of its uses are signage, store aisle displays, exhibition stands and furniture, window displays, store fixtures, POP design and even furniture! Yes, that’s right Re-board can be used to create furniture! The company ESKO, has managed to use Re-board to create contemporary furniture design. They follow a simple process. The furniture's structural design is entirely done in ArtiosCAD. After generating a 3D scene in ArtiosCad, artwork was applied in Adobe Illustrator. Once the design was approved, it went into production.

In conclusion, there’s a lot that goes into packaging. There is a lot of innovation tactics that goes into it. Re-board is the strongest board out there, which is capable of making great store standing. It also can tremendously increase store sells.


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