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The Revolutionary Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has always been a thriving industry as we connect ourselves to technology more and more. Technology is such a captivating and life-changing adjustment as it gets more advanced and as we submerge ourselves in it. The packaging industry is becoming more revolutionary because technology improves every year, and it tends to make life easier for us. This also helps companies become more efficient and to potentially save more money. Technology is a big investment that can be quite expensive, but the long-term profits will be extremely beneficial. The packaging industry is becoming very innovative with inventions and ideas that are currently being used or will be used. These innovations and ideas are our current and future packaging industry. Inventions such as electric trucks, drones, and robots are just a few to name that are currently being discussed and debated about in recent years. These implements can be critical as one of the biggest factors in the packaging industry is time. The goal of saving time and speeding up the factory process is important to not only the packaging industry but to other industries as well.

One of the first technological ideas that have come to mind is the implementation of electric trucks in the industry. The image above is a leaked photo of an electric truck that is from the company Tesla. As the world advances, more and more electric cars are becoming popular. Many people believe that fossil-fuel based cars in the future will no longer be used. With that in mind, electric trucks will also be the only type of vehicle on land being used. Electric trucks are beneficial as they are well constructed and have very useful technology that can be game- changing. This will bring production and safety to another level as electric cars are so well constructed and have many abilities. It would also cut distribution cost. Not only is this so beneficial for the packaging industry, but to the world in general. Truck safety on roads has always been a big issue as this brings car wrecks/deaths and lawsuits to companies, which is a big loss. Electric trucks are a big step in the technological world we will soon live in and the benefits of it for the packaging industry will be critical and advanced. The tesla semi-truck by Elon Musk has had a huge impact on the future. He has visioned and is planning mass producing these trucks as soon as possible.

Drones over the years have become important and significantly creative. Drones have been making their way to the packaging industry and one of the biggest companies, Amazon, has been one of the first to try out drones to ship out goods. Drones are a creative way of transportation and give you that futuristic feeling. Amazon has been planning to roll out drones in small areas as a starting step. Drones are a very risky factor when it comes to the industry, as drones need to be managed and the consequences for bad management are accidents that could happen. This would cause a lot of issues for companies to maximize delivery and profit so these drones must be in the best possible condition to operate. At first launch, drones are considered a big issue, but they will in the future make a comeback with a better design and improved safety protocols. Drones are high tech, so the arrival of drones are already happening. In fact, Amazon has recently already been approved to use drones for package delivery. As well as UPS and CVS.

Robots are taking over how goods are being produced and reducing the need for human labor. These robotic inventions have innovated the industry in outstanding production speed. However, every great thing comes with a price as people lose potential job opportunities due to this new wave of robots replacing workers. From the industry perspective though, these large investments in robotics must save profit gains. If these fine pieces of machinery are managed, then overall efficiency will be significantly improved. The accuracy of these packaging robots is very precise and can provide consistent and efficient daily production. Robotics replace human labor, but a lot of debates come up when it comes to factory human labor. Sweatshops, as they are called, have been a big issue in the world as an industry takes advantage of human labor. Though packaging robots replace human labor, they are more efficient and there are fewer factors to take in like breaks, injuries, etc. Packaging robots can do it all and is the reason why industries are changing production standards. Companies like Tesla, Apple, and Adidas have robots doing all the labor that humans would do. These robotic structures can be found in big named companies. Robotics are just one big investment that cuts human labor cost out of the margin. This can be beneficial in the long run.

3D printing has been a way to design packages as of recent years. This is how technology is being used for the packaging industry and it is interesting. 3D printing is a creative way to design new packages that can be tested in the lab without wasting any material that you plan on using beforehand. This shows the advantages given by the 3D printing machine and how useful it can be. It is just another creative way we use technology to our advantage, and we must think outside the box to stand out. 3D printing has been around for some time and now that it is expanding and becoming more versatile, we will see more of it in the future.

Smart sensors or labels can be innovating in the industry. SenseAware is one of those companies that are capitalizing on this great idea. A smart sensor is very advanced and has many features such as temperature, humidity, and location triggers. This is very innovative and helpful for companies to ensure the goods they make are still in selling condition. Companies like Senseaware are becoming the first to use this type of technology and many are soon to pick up on this tech. This gives the consumer an extra layer of assurance that will bring more attention to the goods being sold. This idea has been in the works for a while and will take off soon.

New packaging material in the industry can be crucial for profit and saving the environment as well. Packaging engineers have recently thought of ideas to make packaging material more sustainable. The environment has always been a big factor that has been affected by industries. Polymers have been one of the materials that engineers have recently expanded upon. Polypropylene is a versatile material that demonstrates reliable properties. When it comes to material and thinking of new ways to save the environment by recycling and reusing material, industries need to be on the same page. New material for packaging can benefit the companies by profit gains due to reduced production cost, as well as helping the environment one step at a time.


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